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Dear dieselpunk friends and followers,

Do you love the free content that the dieselpunk podcast brings you each week? WOuld you like to hear and SEE more?

We've made huge strides over the past few years to upgrade studio production and recording capabilities, but there is still a long way to go! 

One of our goals is to be able to attend more conventions and live events, but those things take money.

Further, we would love to add new shows and expand our programming to include a proposed new video series on YouTube - Dieselpunk Game Night! Following on the success of "Big Daddy Cool's" Roll 'N Go Game Review show we are looking to launch the new show with focus only on Dieselpunk table top games (or games that were created in the diesel era)!

SO, we are appealing to you, our followers to invest in the Dieselpunk Podcast by clicking the "Be a  Patron and pledge $2 per month to support the show(s)!

If each of you reading this would invest just $2 per month we would be able to meet all of our upgrade and programming goals, and you would be helping to spread the voice of Dieselpunk across the globe!

At $250 per month we will be able to upgrade our recording hardware and software

At $500 per month we will be able to add the new video show!

At $1,000 per month we will be able to attend any convention in the country and bring you the sights and sounds and make sure we leave "No Fan Left Behind!"

To meet those goals it will take each of you listening, so please consider an investment of just $2 per month... 

Thanks for being there and listening!

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