Astounding Adventures of the Akroydiesel Age Now on the Dieselpunk Podcast Network!


Hey there guys & gals!

If you haven't heard the news yet, The Dieselpunk Podcast Network is now syndicating the Astounding Adventures of the Akroydiesel Age Podcast!

It's a LIVE Dieselpunk adventure Actual Play Podcast for the Akroydiesel Age RPG (wiki:, a dieselpunk tabletop roleplaying game, completely different from anything we've ever done before!

We are releasing past episodes daily, and on Monday 10/15 we will release the final 6 episodes every hour starting at 10 AM so you can whet your appetitie and then binge away!

If you like the program drop us a note and let us know and consider becoming a sponsor so that we can provide more great content!


-John Pyka