Oct 18, 2017

Dieselpunk Retrocast October Music Special


The Dieselpunk Podcast network present "DJ Swag Commander's" Dieselpunk Retrocast!

Just in time for Halloween, The Swag Commander brings you delightfully creepy and scary swing and electro swing to enhance your trick or treating!




Oct 12, 2017

Fedora Chronicles - Tony Snipes Interview


During this co-production with The Dieselpunk Podcast, John Pyka and Eric Renderking Fisk sit down and chat with Tony Snipes of Art Slam Live and Portsmouth Aeroshipbuilding Co. to talk about Dieselpunk art and various aspects of living the retrofuturistic life






Oct 8, 2017

Wild Skies Interview


John Pyka Productions and BDC Entertainement presents the Dieselpunk podcast, the voice of Dieselpunk! On this episode, Johnny comes to you live from Imaginarium 2017 with an interview with Brandon Aten of Wet Ink Games talking about the soon to be Dieselpunk classic role playing game Wild Skies!

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Oct 7, 2017

Live from Imaginarium 2017


John Pyka productions and BDC Entertainment presents the Dieselpunk podcast the voice of Dieselpunk! On this episode Johnny is joined by Greg Jones and Blake Wilson to discuss Imaginarium 2017 and their new appreciation of Dieselpunk. Listen to more at www.dieselpunkpodcast.com

Oct 4, 2017

Dieselpunk attire and the missing makers


John Pyka Productions and BDC Entertainment presents Tales From The Flip-Side on The Dieselpunk Podcast - The Voice of Dieselpunk!

This episode Johnny talks about Dieselpunk style and the rejection of contemporary American casual culture and shares s few thoughts and tips to combat it.

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